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led tube_LED lamps prices unpredictable

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led tube_LED lamps prices unpredictable

LED lamps resulted in major key to the price vagaries of 9
The rapid development of LED lighting industry, various types of lamps full of tricks, the price difference is quite obvious. Production of LED and LED lighting manufacturers large number of different vendors use different quality LED lighting LED is caused by different reason. As the fierce price war, appearance, structure, function almost the same product, there are 2-3 times the price difference, many users get stunning moment is mind, I do not know from where the spread, generally does not produce the LED lighting LED LED Manufacturers are difficult to distinguish, let alone consumers.

led tube news ,So, use your good source of LED production, or testing equipment has improved LED LED Lighting Factory would be better, so bought LED lighting products more secure.

What are the factors we look at the price differences caused by LED lamps:

1, the brightness

LED brightness is different from the price difference.

2, anti-static capability

Antistatic ability of the LED, long life, and therefore higher prices. Generally static for more than 700V the LED to LED lighting.

3, the wavelength

The same wavelength LED,? Color consistency, if required? Color consistency, the high price. Without LED Spectrophotometer instrument manufacturer of products is difficult to produce pure colors.

4, leakage current

LED is one-way conductive light, if there is reverse current is called leakage, leakage current of large LED, short life, low prices.

5, light emitting angles

LED uses different point of view of their different light. Special light-emitting angle, and higher prices. If all diffusion angle, and higher prices.

6, life

The key difference is the quality of life, life decisions by the light failure. Light a small decline, long life, long life, high price.

7, LED chips

LED's light for the chips, different chips, prices vary widely. Japan, the United States, more expensive chips, the Taiwan factory with local manufacturers LED chip prices lower than Japan and the U.S..

8, the chip size

Chip size to side, said the quality of large LED chip is better than small chips. Price proportional with the chip size.

9, colloidal

LED ordinary colloidal generally epoxy, plus a UV LED and fire agents more expensive, high-quality outdoor LED lighting should be UV and fire.

LED lighting market, there are some outlaws, cheating suppliers, materials, finished products supplier fraud to sell low-priced product is not normal for cash. A small number of LED lighting manufacturers to unrealistic promises deceive dealers and users, and then continue to change the firm or person in charge of the trick to shirk its responsibility, so when consumers buy a lamp must be more attention to the details of what more comparison, multiple reference views.
led tube_LED lamps prices unpredictable
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