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led street light_IC packaging and testing industry

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led street light_IC packaging and testing industry

IC packaging and testing investment adviser, and beat a gong overweight
IC packaging and testing industry this year, well, industry orders at full capacity, not only to escape the second quarter, "five six absolutely poor," off-season difficulties, many businesses are expected to be in the second quarter, the emerging challenges calendar Shixin You, brokerage and investment attracted Gu research report, advising clients to overweight have IC packaging and testing groups. Recently called into the super-abundance of CSC Securities (2441), target price point of view 45 yuan; uniform investment adviser, and also suggested that overweight Yan Quan (3264), target price to 29 yuan.

led street light news ,Capital Securities pointed out that the super-abundance in February by the number of days to reduce the impact of revenue decline of 17.1% over January, but the lunar new year, consumer electronics, cheap games and toy market began to return to temperature, MCU shipments increase revenue forecast in March have the opportunity to return to the level of 900 million yuan or more, and then challenge all-time high. In the second quarter into the consumer electronics season, with 51 coming holiday, after the potential customer optimistic forecast over abundance in the second quarter capacity utilization can be maintained for more than 88% in the first quarter, revenue continued to grow profits, estimated this year's tax EPS3.76 element, it is recommended to maintain "strong buy", target price of 45.

Chao Feng estimated revenue of 2.653 billion yuan in the first quarter, quarterly growth rate of 9.2%, gross margins due to rising capacity utilization rose to 24.8%, pre-tax profit estimated 560 million yuan, but also growth of 14.1% over the previous quarter, single-season EPS0.88 dollars. In the second quarter into the consumer electronics season, quarter, pulled up 2.843 billion yuan revenue, quarter by 7.1%, pretax profit 624 million yuan, tax EPS0.98 dollars. Capital spending this year, 10 to 14 million, depreciation and similar to last year, 10 to 11 billion, original deployment Copperwirebonding production line, the fastest second quarter of this year there will be a copper wire bonding process products revenue contribution, greatly increased capacity and economic recovery, the estimated revenue of 11.292 billion yuan this year, annual growth rate of 30.7%, pretax profit 2.391 billion yuan, after-tax EPS3.76 yuan, annual growth rate of 47.5%.

Xin Quan revenue growth this year, significantly higher than industry average, and profits in recent years under the influence of restrained capital spending is expected to record high levels, uniform investment adviser, and research estimates the average ROE from 15.7% over the past 5 years increased to 17.7 % target price to 29 yuan (1.8x2010BVPS), investment advice to "buy."

As the test plant is higher than last year's performance subject to industry average levels were compressed, such as semiconductor and wafer foundry industry as a whole only 10% decline compared with 2008, but the wafer test factory into a general recession 2. In the low base of comparison and a clear recovery trend in the industry, driven by higher growth this year is expected to have strength. Estimated 4.4 billion in revenue this year, annual growth rate of 50%, 42% gross margin, lay a small contribution to the Singapore plant 50 million yuan profit, after-tax EPS estimates up to 3.04 yuan, breaking the all-time high.
led street light_IC packaging and testing industry
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