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led street light_AMOLED open the phone

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led street light_AMOLED open the phone

AMOLED open the phone to "see" the times
In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile communication technology, alternative types of mobile phones more and more business, more colorful, the phone call function has gradually lost its central position, games, entertainment, data communications and other functions popular.

led street light news ,In order to bring these features on a good user experience, mobile phones not only with powerful chipsets and smart operating system, also need more clarity, more bright colors, the screen looks more comfortable. Widely used in TFT LCD screen has gradually difficult to adapt to market demand, LCD panel manufacturers and major mobile phone manufacturers more and more of the sights on the fast growth of AMOLED above.

"See" the era of walking quietly

If the past people use cell phones mainly to "listen", then now is a "look" of the times: to see pictures of the phone, MMS, e-books, watch mobile phone game screen, mobile TV, mobile phone browsing. In people's lives, staring at the phone was already far exceeded the time to listen to mobile phones, has increased the importance of the screen to keep pace with the handset level. Many consumers choose phone, the phone screen quality on the most important factor in the ranks. According to the survey, 76.5% of consumers consider when purchasing a phone screen quality, and that "see" phone and "listen" mobile phone as important as the proportion of consumers has risen to 60%.

For the consumer, good cell phone screen will not only clear, high contrast, bright color, reaction speed must be fast enough, so when watching high-definition video, the screen will not be asked film disappointing. In addition, the mobile phone screen view is also very important, like the sharing of happy consumers are more willing to watch together with my friends. Daily life there will always be outdoor activities, people also want the phone screen in the sun also remains clear, bright. Mobile phone manufacturers need to consider more, such as mobile phone screen manufacturing cost, power consumption and so on. With the continued increase in mobile phone functions, the time people use the phone every day up sharply, so the standby time is short became a big problem. LCD screen is the phone's power-hungry, if they can significantly reduce the power consumption of LCD screens, even if not for large-capacity battery, the standby time can be significantly extended in order to effectively improve awareness of new mobile phones and wireless data business experience.

Most mobile phones currently on the market are using the TFT LCD technology, which has stunning color liquid crystal display technology in widespread use after many years, has been unable to meet the "look" of the times, AMOLED technologies, as many problem provides a very good solution.

Hyun also AMOLED screen

AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode panel is LED backlit LCD display technology, also known as next-generation display technology. Including Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, LG Philips LCD panels, including the world's leading manufacturers attach great importance to this technology, with the exception of Samsung Electronics and LG, Philips is committed to the development of large-size AMOLED addition, Samsung SDI, Friends up and so the focus on developing small and medium-size panels, which Samsung AMOLED products occupy a leading edge.

Widely used in the market compared to the TFT LCD panel, AMOLED There are three main advantages. The first is a more vivid AMOLED display effect. The highest contrast Hyun Samsung AMOLED screen has reached 10000:1, much higher than the TFT panel of 400:1 and color gamut is 100% more, it can display the color saturation and brightness images more and more realistic reproduction of the real scene. Second is that people will feel more comfortable look. This is because there is no viewing angle limitations AMOLED, and the reaction of the screen faster than the TFT panel, there is no smear effect. Technical performance of leading Hyun Samsung AMOLED screen TFT panel is also substantially improved the outdoors, the sun not clear defects, has a special appeal to consumers.

The third is due to adopt a self-emitting AMOLED way, no backlight, thus more light, more power. Backlight TFT panel in the cost of about 3 percent to 4 percent, AMOLED can completely dispense with this part of the cost. In addition, AMOLED TFT panel power consumption, only about 6 to 8 percent, Hyun Samsung AMOLED screen lower power consumption, which means that the same battery capacity, use of mobile phones with AMOLED screen, there will be a very obvious extension of the time, so as to mobile phone add a "long stand" advantages.

AMOLED has many advantages, but in large scale applications in the process encountered a problem that the high defect rate of products. Therefore, the vast majority of mobile phone manufacturers in the use of AMOLED screen performance was very cautious, so far, other handset makers only one or two models in their respective adopted the AMOLED screen. However, Samsung has already tackled this problem. As the Samsung LCD panel itself is the world's leading manufacturers in display technology, by virtue of the long-term advantages in a wide range of mobile phones used in the AMOLED screen. Up to now, the market has been more than a dozen of the Samsung phone using the AMOLED screen, is the use of AMOLED technology most mobile phone brands.

Replacement, at full speed

Prepared in the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers to more extensive application of AMOLED screen, AMOLED technology has made new progress. This year in February, held in Barcelona, Spain 2010 World Mobile Congress, Samsung cell phone with a new smartphone launched a stunning SuperAMOLED. According to reports, SuperAMOLED more than the average slim AMOLED screen, and abandoned before touch sensitive display overlay layer and the architecture design, liquid crystal display panel itself is touch-sensitive, so SuperAMOLED screen more than the common capacitive touch screen, thinner, more sensitive. In addition, a decrease of the glass cover, with contrast, color reproduction and other technical improvements, Samsung launched this new AMOLED panel to further enhance the display effect under the sunlight, looking at the outdoor phone screen is crisp and clear.

The media has been compared, the screen is gorgeous, clarity and contrast and so on, with Samsung SuperAMOLED the latest Samsung mobile phones than the iPhone, obviously much better. Samsung phone has such a strong performance is not surprising. Samsung screen technology has the advantage in the field, Samsung is the world's color TVs, LCD TVs, monitors and other products of the main manufacturers, the LED-backlit LCD TV recently in the Chinese market share of more than 50%.

Recently, news, upcoming Samsung phones using 3DAMOLED screen, the new technologies and applications development speed really surprising. One side are many mobile phone manufacturers support, while the mainstream LCD panel maker Samsung's strong advance, AMOLED seem to have been doomed to quickly become a favorite of smart phone makers, Samsung mobile phones in the field of AMOLED screen dominance will therefore become more stable.
led street light_AMOLED open the phone
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