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led spot light_the mainstream TV market

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led spot light_the mainstream TV market

LED products into the mainstream TV market

led spot light news ,Entering in April, quietly change color TV market, flat-panel TV sales by lowering prices, LED TV gradually become the mainstream.

According to the domestic home appliance network grid Buyer CEO Zhi-century name, century electric network from now on, the first to launch a flat-panel TV clearance warfare, including LG, Changhong, Hisense, etc. Heavy variety of prices 20% -30% to a maximum decrease of 40%. According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronic Product Investigation Office of the survey data show that, as of now, consumers concerned about the degree LED television products have been as high as 75%, China ready to buy LED TV this year, 34% of consumers. Industry experts predict, LED TV in 2010 as a new product growth is expected to achieve 4 times, from 100 million units in 2009 increased to 400 million units.
led spot light_the mainstream TV market

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