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led spot light_LED investment and raised

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led spot light_LED investment and raised

LED investment and raised again expected to be the new hot spot Bohai Sea
LED in the urban landscape lighting, display lighting and other road traffic and the white areas of the extensive application of Shenzhen, Xiamen, Dalian, Shanghai, Nanchang, Shijiazhuang LED industrial base capacity with comprehensive manner. Tianjin as a national semiconductor lighting industrial base of another important, has become the domestic and foreign enterprises to enter the Bohai Rim LED's battleground. LED by the senior engineers and Tianjin Dongli District People's Government's "theme of the fifth LED Industry Summit" recently held in Tianjin. Undeniably, Tianjin LED industries are relatively other regions, the development seems to slow by half a beat, the forum will contribute significantly to the Beijing-Tianjin region and the North China LED industry.

led spot light news ,Tianjin Tianjin is expected to develop LED from behind the new materials, new energy industry, LED is the focus of their development. Tianjin Party Secretary Zhang Dongli in an interview with reporters, said the district plans to set up a venture capital fund to develop high-tech industries. Zhang would think, should start training and the introduction of leading talent. The forum held in the area will help promote the project in Tianjin Dongli District LED investment.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, deputy inspector of electronic information related white speech in the forum, said the Department of Industry and Information Technology will further strengthen the joint and interaction with local governments, concerned about the attention to the development of electronic information industry in Tianjin, and industry colleagues to jointly promote semiconductor lighting industry's progress.

Senior Engineer LED CEO Dr. Zhang Xiaofei that Tianjin is an important northern China LED industry base. "Three security recently invested billions of dollars in Tianjin, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone is China's first LED city demonstration areas, and Tianjin Polytechnic University opened China's first light source and lighting professionals, to strengthen, especially in northern areas of China LED business communication and cooperation, we specifically subject to the Fifth Summit of Chinese LED industry, the venue set in Tianjin. "Xiaofei said.

Forum held in Tianjin Dongli national semiconductor lighting industrial base settled in high-tech companies signing ceremony, nine companies signed a letter of intent to invest, there are 56 companies signed a "low carbon economy," to jointly promote the Tianjin Binhai States high-tech semiconductor lighting industrial bases, "written proposal." Tianjin LED development can come from behind to look forward to.

Start the Chinese CALiPER items in this forum, the Chinese CALiPER officially started. U.S. CALiPER is carried out a U.S. Department of Energy testing LED lighting project to provide the community with objective data SSL lighting, guidance related to research and development. There are still no LED lighting system on the test project, in order to promote the healthy development of the industry, senior engineers and the Chinese LED industry, the Institute decided to test jointly launched China's CALiPER testing project.

Vocational High School, said Dr. Zhang Xiaofei LED, LED lamp current domestic variable quality, making the general public can not correctly understand the LED, some enterprises of the poor quality LED lighting products tarnished image among consumers. "We hope that through a series of test activities guide the healthy development of LED industry. In addition, many enterprises in the current product specifications book lists some of the exaggerated information, making those companies to provide truthful information suffer, and even had to follow suit We hope that through this project to curb such behavior. "Xiaofei said.

Chinese director Li Sheng test detected that this item is not for profit. "We will do as a social responsibility. Sample purchase cost and testing cost borne by the SC test, included in the cost of corporate social responsibility, while also seeking corporate sponsorship and government finance them." Li Sheng said.

EMC has brought opportunities and challenges with the "city of 10,000 10" depth semiconductor lighting project, a new term "energy management contract (EMC)" gradually familiar.

Texstar Photoelectric Lighting Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Sun Jianhua that the government should be led gradually to explore the EMC model in line with China's national conditions, so that private capital have the opportunity to gain profit from the EMC. EMC breakthrough LED street lamp demonstration project into a large, high-risk financial bottlenecks to ensure the production, consumption and maximize the benefits and risks of financial tripartite minimum.

Sun Jianhua, but also think that EMC 在 country's Tuiguang Yi Cun Zai some of the risks, LED street light standard & Standards incomplete or Queshi; Xianjie Duan's application 中 出现 have some problems, can not be ignored Xu Jinkuai solution; EMC is not a kind of Wan Shan model, to be further explored to improve; product quality and reliability will directly determine the success or failure.

Yao Jian-Quan Chinese Academy of Sciences stable development of China's high-speed LED industry into the development of information industry, the third wave of the first computers, the second is the Internet, and the third is the Internet of things. In the first two stages of development we have behind us in the third stage of development must go ahead. In the third stage of development, there are several new industries and technology areas of concern, such as: new energy, new optoelectronic industries. LED should be said that the information industry in the field of pearl. LED are used in lighting, display areas, LED industry is a sunrise industry, information industry, now even though there are many technical issues to be resolved, but its development prospects are very obvious. The international business community in both academia or the development of promising LED, LED industry deserves government departments, business, academia seriously.

In the optoelectronics industry, there are two stars, a solar battery, one LED, the two industries at home and abroad have attracted attention. The development of LED industry, there are still many problems to be solved, technical problems, industrial problems. LED industry should have a high, fast and stable development of the characteristics of "high" that is the starting point must be high, including the technical and industrial aspects; "fast" is to expedite progress, speed up, speed up the integration; "stability" is to forge ahead orderly development, development can not be blind.

China Lighting LED Lighting Industry Association Chen Yansheng "hot" pros and cons in recent years, LED lighting, if the application is to use one word to describe the "hot". "Fever" is reflected in several "more," First of all level attention of the Government, and second, more companies enter the field, three multi-media attention, four are involved in many venture capital funds, which sum up how many are "hot."

In recent years, the central and local, the development of LED's alive, I think this is running high is not entirely a bad thing, from the business point of view, whether it is traditional lighting companies or semiconductor companies, or even no relationship with LED companies are concerned about the LED, all have access to the industry, which reflects from one aspect of "hot." From the perspective of venture capital, many venture capital companies are considering how to further invest in LED field. Domestic and foreign investment are that the wind, LED lighting is a very good investment. "Hot" pros and cons, there are so many people concerned about the LED lighting industry, but the good thing not a bad thing, but, LED industry practitioners, the mind should be calm, to consider issues should be rational, to reduce blindness and to increase scientific and reasonable. We know, LED street light surging, companies more than the traditional lamp enterprises, why this phenomenon, because the street is a government subsidy program, not the enterprise market but are now faced with the mayor. From the industry's long-term development, the development of LED industry, this is not very favorable, the government should enact more policies to create a research and development, good environment to attract investment. Enterprises involved in LED lighting market is worth serious consideration.

Philips Lighting Asia Pacific director of solid state lighting standard LED lighting systems Zong into cost-effective is still high as the economy develops, light not only limited to light, but also according to well illuminate the comfortable, this is also the basic requirements for lighting in the field .

Green Lighting is an innovative force, nearly 10 years, LED lighting technology rise, LED lighting is facing development opportunities. High-power high-brightness white LED lighting industry to bring industry into a wave of innovation, where industrialization is very important, In addition, the product should be stable and reliable. LED light source (bulb) market in 2015 expected to reach 50 billion yuan, which also benefited from the rapid development of LED technology. In the past 20 years, LED light output increased nearly 20 times, and still growing. Meanwhile, LED costs 10 times for 10 years. LED cost-effective in the continuous improvement, therefore, LED lighting technology is very promising.

The rapid development of LED industry also faces challenges, LED lighting systems or high performance and low cost, mass production is crucial. In addition, LED face competitors, including energy-saving lamps, high pressure sodium, ceramic metal halide lamp, discharge lamp, etc., the efficiency of these lamps is also high, especially cheap, therefore, the development of LED lights when an objective analysis, to find on the way out This is very important. In addition, LED lighting system reliability and stability are important, while LED lighting industry chain to optimize now standardized LED system is also less relevant it is perfect, should give full play to advantages of LED technology, breaking the limitations of traditional lighting such as intelligent control , embedded, etc..

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Northern District / Southwest Yang Yu, Senior Sales Manager to use LED light pollution should pay attention to the present, LED light-emitting efficiency 5-8 times higher than the incandescent lamp, the efficiency of future LED about 10 times higher than incandescent lamps, Our LED as the light source is very optimistic about the prospects, the market prospect is very broad.

From the ecological, economic, social terms, LED can achieve win-win. Ecological terms, LED reduce carbon emissions, economically, LED is the main force to promote the profitable growth, from a social perspective, improved quality of life, reduce energy costs. Note that currently the Chinese market is not used in order to use LED LED, pay attention to light pollution.

LED market is expected from the future of 337 million U.S. dollars in 2007 rose to 1.647 billion U.S. dollars in 2012, an average annual compound growth rate of 37%, of which, architectural lighting over the forecast period will be the dominant application area in 2012 accounted for 42% of the market, In addition, commercial lighting is also cause for concern.

Application and performance are constantly promoting the enhancement of LED market growth, LED development in the past few years, the focus is to improve performance. With the LED system performance and lower prices, LED will be even more widespread application. Also, note that efficiency can not at the expense of the cost of life.

Chip, phosphor, packaging will affect LED performance. Osram each chip and phosphor such as R & D investment is very large. LED need to accumulate, but also follow-up investment in China is important to note that the accumulation and breakthrough technology.

Cree Tang Guoqing, general manager of the China market power issues are now seriously LED lamps LED lighting we speak has a completely different before, and now, LED lights do business than traditional lighting companies, in volume terms is increased, not reduced, indicating We are optimistic about LED street lighting applications. Choose the right light, good light remains the industry very difficult task. Successfully make the LED lamps, the problem is not only light source, power supply, high and low temperature, water and other issues, in particular, problems with electrical power LED lamps on the impact of very large, require special attention. Meanwhile, LED applications more widely, new applications will continue to emerge. LED is changing in China, such changes include, the government-oriented, market demand and the concept of consciousness. The concept of consciousness is important, low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection concepts deepening is the biggest advantage of LED development.

Cree attaches great importance to the Chinese market in November last year, investment in construction in Huizhou Cree chip factory under construction in July this year, will supply white LED chips. Cree latest laboratory research results, high-power white LED light effect has been achieved 208lm / W, 350mA, just two months ago, the results 186lm / W, very fast technological progress, although the laboratory data, but also very pleasantly surprised. Currently, Cree chip production level of 132lm / W, 350mA (single-chip high-power XPG).
led spot light_LED investment and raised
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