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led light_Silk screen printing industry

Silk screen printing industry forum and special Top Ten Award Presentation was held in Beijing
2009, the sudden invasion of the financial tsunami, so that SMEs in China has experienced the most severe test, especially the many screen printing companies in precarious in 2010, ushering in the Chinese economy to recover, with 2009 annual Top Ten Award Presentation Ceremony of the wind , by the Chinese screen printing and manufacturing such as Association, HC special printing network printing contractor, Dongguan Dragon Chemical Co's "guide for 2010 special screen printing industry forum" on the morning of March 29 Four Points by Sheraton Beijing Yong Tefo organized. The forum theme of "Innovation and post-crisis era of industry change" theme, senior experts, association leaders, successful business representatives, downstream Zhongduan purchasing representative and the trade media gathered in Beijing to pin the problems common to the industry and focus on management of post-crisis era of innovative SMEs, Innovation, extending upstream and downstream supply chain analysis of such issues as decoding, on-site guests sharing a warm atmosphere, the audience actively involved in many enterprises.

led light news ,Special command screen printing industry by 2010 China Development Forum site

In the afternoon, in order to "win-win innovation and influence" as the theme of "Zhen Xing Cup 2009 special silk screen printing industry of China Top Ten Award" ceremony in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse was held. The event aims to establish a brand image and reputation the industry and promote the development of industry in-depth, comprehensive interpretation of China's brand image and guide the company brand awareness, promote and recognize those special screen printing industry of China made significant contributions to the development of people and businesses . Today, the winners 11 surface, mounted the podium glory of the Ten selection, the industry once again proved its strength and influence.

Top Ten Awards site selection
In 2009, the Chinese market is full of both opportunities and challenges. Since the financial crisis, companies began to reduce costs and face the "winter", but the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Shenzhen Universiade, World Expo in Shanghai and Beijing Olympic Games boost regional tourism boom, especially on the screen printing industry is a supply and demand a great opportunity. In this context, the HC printing network special on special printed on Nov. 5, 2009 re-launch of the second session of "China Top Ten selection screen printed special" activities, and on the morning of November 12 in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center held a press conference ten selected start. Top Ten selection for the current screen printing industry to enhance the impact on other industries to enhance the network of China and India's influence in the international market is important. Since registration started, then get online and offline media to build more than 30 strong, many well-known media assistance, information covering a wide range of target groups, precise positioning. In the end, 419 companies successfully passed the examination to enter the primary stage, nearly a thousand candidates nationwide business users through two rounds of intense throughout the country voted the top 20 prizes, the expert jury panel and the purchaser resulting from the comprehensive review of all awards 10 companies, according to the organizing committee officials said the selection process, and a total network of 103,068 votes in voting, SMS, internet banking polling 55,918 votes, more than 2,000 copies of paper ballots, nearly 200 buyers to set up a strong panel of judges at the same time buyers assessment of the election business, more than 4,400 Internet users publish comments section.

HC screen printing mesh special opening address, General Manager Hanfeng Long
Chairman of the Board Guo Fansheng HC network speech

Shenzhen Zhen Xing-Wu Shao-Han Screen Printing Machine

Brand is the core of market competition, the Chinese market is a fundamental national brand. To arouse national manufacturing influence in the world, this event has been set up selection screen printing equipment, screen printing materials, printing industry, "Ten national brand" awards, ultimately, the Hong Kong Hang Hui, Shenzhen Zhen Xing Yang printer large , Screen Printing stars, the interests of ink, Tian Ling, fine chemicals, peace bridge, Ma guests, full of good, command, triple technology, new branches, gold Gute, Shen Chao, Pearl River, Youth Arts and Technology, Tian Yuan, the respective spots to receive this honor. Shang Dynasty, on good, Fengyuan Chemical Engineering, Jinan, Compal, etc. won the "Top Ten Stars of distribution" title; get "Ten cutting-edge enterprises" are: Beijing Ingram, Foshan Koenig, Union Chemical, Hang Ming Guanda , Tao Xing, Din, Shun, and upgrades companies; through more than 6,000 home user satisfaction survey, Zhen Xing, Heng Hui brands are widely recognized, "the most satisfied customers brand" to its name. China printing industry can not develop without the old screen printing workers hard work, in recognition of their industry made great contributions to the "60th anniversary of the industry special contribution award" granted them. Ceremony guests gathered in the scene, leading experts from industry, award-winning business representatives, manufacturers, distributors, buyers specially invited group, and many media reporters have attended the event, witnessed this moment of glory.

"China Top Ten selection screen printed special" activities, has gone through two spring and autumn. The industry has been recognized as a "push star" platform, its just, fair and open selection has been the strong support of its influence. It can be said that the path outside the special screen printing industry in China Ten selection, in guiding the industry, standardize the market order, deepening the service has played a profound role in pushing forward, but also confirms its strong brand value. "Zhen Xing Cup 2009 special printing industry, China's top ten selection screen" activities, especially by the silk screen printing web hosting HC, Shenzhen Zhen Xing Screen Printing Machinery Company Limited, China Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association, China Screen Printing Industry Association support, Tian Ling, fine chemicals, printing giant, Denon chemical, Hong Kong Hang Hui, Milan duo, Union Chemical, the ink co-sponsored benefits.
led light_Silk screen printing industry
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