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led ceiling light_Semiconductor lighting applications

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led ceiling light_Semiconductor lighting applications

More favorable light LED semiconductor lighting industry applications deepen
As the semiconductor lighting efficiency, environmental protection and long life, to achieve emission reduction targets provides an effective means to develop the semiconductor industry for the promotion of energy saving lighting is undoubtedly very important.

More favorable light LED industry

led ceiling light news ,LED lighting industry in 2009 can be ups and downs, magnificent to describe, both are in the market and Ying Yong, technology, policy, industry standards, or in the capital of Touruyiji merger integration, there has been worthy of more attention.

Five factors have led to higher demand

From the market and application requirements, the 2008 to early 2009, due to the international financial crisis, many Chinese manufacturers and LED lighting-related almost in a "hibernation" state. But the second half of 2009, demand gradually higher, even with the strong to describe. Market, the changes are mainly affected by several aspects:

First, Samsung LED TV launched its ultra-thin shape with the market caused widespread attention and praise. The positive market reaction to stimulate accelerated the development of TV-related manufacturers and launch with the LED backlight of LCD TVs as the pace of product, so as to LED backlighting for LCD TV as a large time to market earlier than expected, 2-3 years. LCD TV required LED backlight LED performance for demanding not only higher luminous efficiency, longer life, and light color uniformity and consistency must also be good. Chinese companies manufacture LED chips is difficult to achieve, together with IP considerations, almost no one in China-chip companies can use as a LCD TV backlight LED of qualified suppliers. However, low-end products in the market, gave China LED chips and packaging manufacturers to bring business opportunities.

Second, the Ministry of Science, "10 City 10 000" road lighting to promote the project. Although the LED lights on the chip with the most is imported, but most packages still carried out in China. "10 City, 10000," no doubt to the Chinese mainland and application of LED packaging manufacturers to bring a lot of opportunities, but also promoted the development of LED lighting industry.

Third, the Chinese government plans to stimulate the economy brought about by a variety of projects. In this scheme, some large infrastructure projects such as airports, railway, expressway and underground railway, will be used in a large number of LED lighting products.

Fourth is the basic national policy of energy conservation at all levels of government attaches great importance to make LED lighting industry. A variety of municipal construction and major sports venues, exhibition, exposition and other construction projects are in extensive use of LED semiconductor lighting products, has played a significant demonstration effect, but also to the LED lighting market has brought considerable space.

Fifth, the Shanghai World Expo and other large events and business opportunities arising from the incident.

A particularly noteworthy application of LED lights. According to statistics, by the end of 2009, about 160,000 nationwide LED lamps have been applied. LED lamp applications in advance, especially should pay attention is to focus on the application of LED street light plays roads, sidewalks, squares and gardens and other places.

Enterprises to speed up layout

In terms of technology, LED developed rapidly in 2009. 350mA drive for high-power LED, the white light efficiency of the laboratory data have been close to 190lm / W level, and mass production of LED light effects are also 120-140lm / W range. LED operating voltage falling also increased the efficiency of phosphor. Domestic chip package with a white LED light effects also reached 90lm / W or so, this is early into the general LED lighting market with a more solid technical support.

Meanwhile, due to the continuous improvement of technological level and testing methods of continuous improvement, LED's life expectancy has improved significantly.

From capital investment and merger integration is, as the industry matures, high-quality capital and have the strength of the "predators" began aggressively into the LED lighting industry. It is worth mentioning that there are TSMC, UMC, Micron, Haier, Foxconn, such as AUO and Chi Mei. The company's entry marks the LED lighting industry to mature and enter into a rapid development period of growth. Because these large companies have a wealth of capital and market experience, they enter the LED lighting industry's development will inject great vigor and vitality.

International companies for long-term occupation of this huge market, through mergers, acquisitions, patent cross-license the operation of such a strong, be an advantage. Europe and the United States to take on big companies are basically vertical integration model, they not only advanced technology, but also has good market access and strong funding. In contrast, mainland China, early and LED-related companies can only be regarded as "guerrillas." In addition, cooperation between Chinese companies is costly, so the Chinese mainland to train with international influence of LED lighting large enterprises, but also take time.

From a policy perspective, in October 2009, the State made the reform of the Department of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries jointly issued "the views of the semiconductor lighting energy industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"). The "opinions" of the semiconductor lighting energy industry development and trends, points out the main problems in industry, specifically the industrial development policy measures and areas for development. The "opinions" of the introduction of LED lighting for the development of the industry will play a positive role in promoting of great historical significance.

National standards were introduced

Industry standards and market oversight from the point of view, the development of standards and norms for the healthy and orderly development of related industries is undoubtedly very important. After 4-5 years of efforts, to the end of 2009, China finally adopted a number of national standards for LED lighting, LED lighting for industry, this is, is a very important event.

Introduction of LED lighting-related standards in China are many reasons for slow, but mostly LED lighting involves a number of fields and industries, so that standard-setting authority and accountability, the need to multi-party communication and coordination. Also, because LED lighting is a new technology, traditional industry professional committees not know much about this, the Chinese lack of size is large enough, have enough influence on the industry's enterprises, the development of standards added to the fraction difficult. Therefore, the standard lag has its reasons and background. However, in addition to national standards, there are industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards can do, these standards can be developed faster. The characteristics of the provinces can develop around the different standards, such as the North may require lower color temperature lamps. Once the introduction of national standards, local standards should not be lower than the national standard. They can choose according to their characteristics of the region with high number of indicators, national standards is the bottom line.

A new technology based products and promoting the birth of the need for government guidance and supervision, or disorderly market competition and shoddy products will hit the good corporate and brand out of the market, and finally to the industry, devastating disaster. The Government should pay attention to these issues and strive to come before this disaster prevention and resolution. To guide the form of government to speed up standards and specifications to develop and introduce, strengthen quality supervision and investigation, the establishment of third-party testing and certification bodies, as well as publicity and promotion of outstanding products and enterprises.

More severe market challenge

2010 LED markets and applications will be a year of great development, both in the backlight or lighting will show explosive growth. Of course, as we all optimistic about the development prospects of LED lighting, industrial chain, both upstream and downstream from a different perspective into this position, competition will become fiercer, the main competition will be reflected in the price, IP, human resources and corporate alliances and mergers restructuring and so on.

Chinese enterprises are facing enormous challenges

China LED lighting upstream business challenge is: As the domestic upstream business in the philosophy, operations management, technology development, compared with foreign companies have a considerable gap between the majority of our products only in the low-end, Only a few high-end. For example, the present large-size LCD backlight LED chip required a large number of orders for almost nothing to do with the domestic upstream firm (in addition to product quality and performance levels, IP is another restricting the upstream enterprise products of China to go out cause). The "10 City 10 000" project required for efficient high-power LED chips, and few domestic upstream firm can provide. The disadvantage into a "latecomer advantage" the key is to change the concept of operations, corporate management needs to understand the law of development of upstream industries and the successful operation of the upstream elements necessary for business, if they can not grasp these basic elements, the domestic upstream firm may continue to pay huge fees and missed large-size LCD backlight similar to the current market opportunities.

LED Lighting middle and lower reaches of China enterprises face the challenge of funding, size, quality, intellectual property rights and core technologies.

Marketing should be graduated

As a light source, LED products, high price indeed, ordinary people to enter the family still has a long way to go, but this does not affect the promotion of LED lighting market. And applications for LED lighting market at the different levels and sectors, marketing is a gradual process. Before there was widespread in the LED lamp is a huge market space, which includes some special areas or special lighting market, lighting market, such as landscape lighting, industrial lighting, backlighting, automotive lighting, rail lighting and the current government in the promotion of the street and so on. When the LED technology developed to a certain stage, when its products in certain markets have the advantage of cost-effective, or in some special highlights of the time, the market would open the door for it, such as LED display, car tail lights, traffic lights, cell phone backlight, NB backlight, LCD TV backlighting, etc.. LED lights in every household and business opportunities before the market is huge.

Trends in technology development, in 2010 the technical areas of concern have AC-LED, high-color (color rendering index greater than 85) white LED, luminous efficiency greater than 200lm / W extension, and chip architecture and a variety of high-performance low-cost LED manufacturing technology.

The development of LED lighting industry in China's competitive advantage lies in market demand Zhengfu attention, costs are relatively Low, and business responsiveness Nengli fast, outstanding issues is the key raw materials and key equipment in China, the development of standards and market supervision.
led ceiling light_Semiconductor lighting applications
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