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led ceiling light_LED shines into people homes

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led ceiling light_LED shines into people homes

5 years after the LED is expected to "shine through" the people at home in Hefei
March 27, in line with the "Earth Hour" campaign, Hefei municipal jurisdiction of the many high-rise buildings landscape lights went out 1 hour, can monitor the electricity sector in Hefei have shown that this 1 hour, Hefei voltage changes are not obviously, the number is almost negligible, why not? Reporters learned, the voltage did not change significantly because the use of these high-level Landscape itself is LED lights, this light than ordinary energy saving lamps have to at least 60%. Currently, LED energy-saving lamp has started a new semiconductor part in Hefei, shopping malls, banks, cell opening, however, as with the high initial installation fee, and striving for national LED production base in Wuhan Hefei, LED lights in municipal, domestic applications are the future of the long .

led ceiling light news ,Business first opened in Hefei LED It is understood that 90 of the last century has just overcome technical barriers to new semiconductor energy-saving LED lights now not only be used outdoors, also can be used for indoor lighting, a 3-watt LED light illumination can be equivalent to 9 watts energy-saving lamps. Reporter from the LED interior lighting are using the 100 large group learned that the group did not use the LED before the year of electricity 80 million yuan, of which electricity accounts for Qi Cheng lighting up 50 million yuan, after the use of LED energy-saving lamps, electricity for one year only 15 million yuan. Currently, LED lamps in Hefei, in addition to 100 large group use, the Albatron Fashion Square, Yuen 1 Times Square, commercial capital of Anhui Province, Hefei University City, heart of the Jinshui fairy tale plot, Amber Hill District, Hefei Luogang Airport terminal, etc. have used.

Despite the high cost of universal constraints, Hefei has enabled some businesses such energy-saving LED lighting further emission reduction, but in addition some high-rise buildings landscape lights, the municipal street light is still not large-scale operation, LED does not walk into the average home in Hefei, difficult to universal actually due to the price. It is understood the market a 10-element energy-saving lamps replaced the same brightness of the illumination LED lights require 70 to 80, with 100 large commercial drum group, for example, in the supermarket, a 26-watt energy-saving lamps to 70 yuan to 80 yuan, replaced with the same 9-watt LED light brightness of a need for 300. "Although more than 60% energy saving LED lights, energy saving lamp life is also to be more than the average 8 to 10 years, but because most of the core chip patents in foreign countries, small purchases where the price is difficult to drop." Anhui's largest LDE Xu Bin, head of production company told reporters.

5 years is expected to enter people's homes despite the current high prices, but the application of energy saving LED effect is remarkable, in advocating "low carbon economy" Today, LED industry has become the most potential sunshine industry, there is only Hefei size of the dozens of LED manufacturers, LED manufacturers in Taiwan also intends to create the biggest fight of Hefei LED (light emitting diode) R & D and production base. The LED application in other cities in China, is gradually spread, Wuhan city government has proposed using 3 years, in transportation, bridges, tunnels, parks, plazas and residential communities to establish LED demonstration area, the National Science and Technology has launched "10 City 10 000 light "works, 16 provinces (municipalities) in a total of 21 cities have expressed to the government financial subsidies, to promote adoption of LED lighting. "China has promised more than 2020 carbon dioxide emissions 40 percent by 2015, currently has 17% emission reduction depends mainly on energy industry was shut down, the future major also on Qiyongxinxing Jienengjishu. Suizhe increase the purchase quantity of LED Deng, the future will gradually lower the cost of LED lights. "Xu Bin forecast, 5 years later, a 14-watt ordinary price of 20 yuan for energy-saving lamps, the same 5-watt LED illumination lamp may need only 20 to 30 yuan, then, The new energy-saving lamp will enter the average home.
led ceiling light_LED shines into people homes
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