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led ceiling light Industry Development ideas
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led ceiling light Industry Development ideas

LED Industry Development ideas

As the price of LED lights expensive than traditional sodium, one-time into a larger, allowing local governments dare not boldly put, leading to LED lights in China lagged far behind the rate of popularization and application of Western countries. As an emerging industry, LED lighting, a large-scale industrialization also need a long-term process, the current domestic demand is sustained and rapid growth. The Government should seize the opportunity, in terms of policy and funding to increase research and development of LED technology and corporate support and commitment to industry training technical personnel, the results in time authorizing a transfer of technology to the enterprise. The Government should have been a timely support to a number of fairly large scale, competitive enterprises to expand production scale, integration of industry sources, the first to become a benchmark for companies to lead the industry healthy and rapid development. Problems for industrial development, a number of manufacturing industries were Shiluo 100-hui put forward the following recommendations:

1, encourage local governments to vigorously promote LED lights. Because LED lighting is also no corresponding international and national standards, not even recognized industry standards, and only enterprise standard, therefore, the state should be a small part of the exemption as a quality products, preferential access to government procurement programs. At the same time, encourage local governments to vigorously promote LED lights in municipal engineering and public institutions in the first to use, such as government buildings, hospitals, schools, city main roads, tunnels and so on, can not only bring direct orders, but also indirectly, since to a good public example. The Government should also be organized industry unit chip bulk purchases from abroad, reducing the main raw material costs. At the same time guide the Bank in time for the qualified import and export credit lines for businesses, injecting liquidity and ease the pressure on cash flow.

2, focusing on support for the project has been put into operation LED industry. Particularly in the upstream part of technology-intensive industries, R & D and industrialization of the risk of greater involvement of enterprises in this industry must have an experienced industry experts and technical team to intervene early if the bank funds, could face greater risk, in view of this, in the LED industry in China is not yet mature period, banks and even appropriate to put into operation in the project put into production for re-intervention.

3, focusing on support for government support of major projects. Multi-LED applications with energy-saving environmentally friendly features. In the "green revolution" under the theme of the studies on the dangers part of the background of strong local governments, business enterprises gave a good LED, such as government subsidies, financial discount, land use and other preferential policies, as well as local government, under the orders directly to the company. Such as the 2008 Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance launched the "10 City, 10000," semiconductor lighting demonstration project is planned by 2010 in 10 to 20 cities and municipalities to promote LED lighting, Weifang, Dalian, Shenzhen and other cities have been listed 21 for the pilot cities, we understand the relevant enterprises in some cities has signed cooperation agreements or under the order. Proposing that banks should focus on the Government to support these practical support to businesses and projects.

4, loan syndication format should be adopted. LED as an emerging industry, Bank of the relative lack of industry knowledge, a serious asymmetry of information between banks and enterprises, the enterprise investment and financing plan is difficult to fully grasp. The syndicated bank loan is spread risks and improve the negotiating position of banks and enterprises an effective way to banks from the capital investment links to understand and affect the overall investment path and the development process, avoiding the over-investment and financing business. 2008 Dalian Branch of China Development Bank as the lead line on the Bank of Dalian and Harbin Branch by way of syndicated loans to the US-Chip Technology Co., Ltd., Dalian Road, 3 billion loan payment (CDB 200 million, Kazakhstan Line 1 million), 6 billion for the company's high-brightness light-emitting semiconductor chip (LED) construction projects.

5, guide enterprises to use bond financing. LED industry in China's large-scale production is still at the initial stage, rely on individual banks and a single indirect financing channels for enterprises it is difficult to meet the general needs of the revitalization of the entire industry is not easy, short-term financing bonds, medium-term notes and other direct financing tools are scattered bank risk, lower corporate financing costs and expand business visibility in the capital market an effective way for smaller businesses, but also through a collection of ways to raise funds and suggested that all banks in the enterprise marketing process can be appropriate to guide enterprises to use bond financing.

6, in order to create a favorable policy environment for enterprises to establish industrial development funds and technology funds, encourage and support large-scale enterprise development, and to shorten the industrial cycle. At the same time, for the positive application of LED lighting units of local government and industry groups to give some subsidies, increased purchasing power.

7, update detection methods and equipment to develop uniform testing standards for the industry. Currently known as LED lights manufacturers can do a lot of skill levels, leading to competition in the industry confusion and greatly affected the quality and credibility of the LED light degrees, undermined the confidence of users. Evidence shows that the source of these issues mainly from the chip and its packaging process. Therefore, the proposed high-power LED lighting applications should refer to international NIST standards, namely, the chip-ray optical power must not fall below 300 milliwatts, and, procurement must be chip makers authentication and authorization

led ceiling light Industry Development ideas

led ceiling light Industry Development ideas
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