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led spot light industry, have obvious advantages
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led spot light industry, have obvious advantages

LED industry, have obvious advantages

LED is LightEmittingDiode (light-emitting diode) is referred to as belonging to a compound semiconductor components, able to power into light. led spot light  has a luminous efficiency, environmental protection, long life, small size, etc., is currently the world's most advanced lighting technology. LED light bulb filament does not light the "old faces", but on the semiconductor chip, solid-state light source for materials. It is the use of electronic mobile to light, directly converts electrical energy into light, its power consumption compared to traditional light bulbs 1 / 10, life is 100 times that of traditional light bulbs. A common energy-saving lamp life of 5,000 hours or more, is five times that of incandescent lamp, high-quality energy-saving lamps use a year or so you can recover the cost, while high-power LED light source life of up to 5 thousand hours, almost non-existent maintenance costs, a one-time investment in return bigger and more obvious. Products are mainly used in mobile devices such as backlights, traffic lights, outdoor landscape lighting, interior lighting, automotive interior exterior lighting, miner's lamp and other areas such as security lighting, in which the largest use of mobile phones, accounting for LED application market, 36%, followed by is a signaling field, such as traffic lights, accounting for 17%. In recent years, with the semiconductor light-emitting materials, the study continued to deepen, LED and create new processes, new materials development and application of ultra-high brightness LED colors to achieve a breakthrough. LED lighting for its luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, security, reliability, environmental protection, health and other advantages, is the industry considered to be human, after following the Edison incandescent light bulbs, one of the greatest inventions.

LED low learning threshold. While domestic LED industry, foundation is weak and relatively low technological level, but some domestic enterprises to hire foreign technical personnel, constantly made breakthroughs in technology, many enterprises have made their own intellectual property rights, domestic high-quality technical level of enterprises has been with Taiwan makers of the or less the same level of technology, with the gap between international manufacturers as a whole has continued to shrink.

LED amount of investment is relatively small. LED initial investment could be 100 million yuan to build factories Linkage optoelectronics, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics within the well-known listed companies and other industries also more than 10 billion yuan of total assets, the domestic enterprises to enter the threshold low, easy to implement rolling development, which integrated circuits Manufacturing and LCD panel manufacturing at every turn to the tens of billions of billions of yuan in investment in terms of little more than "negligible", the domestic enterprises with easy access to the formation of industrial clusters.

Resources, have obvious advantages. China is rich in non-ferrous metal resources, gallium, indium-rich, the world's total reserves, 70% to 80%, which makes the development of LED industry in China has the resources advantage. After the technology is mature, LED downstream packaging and component production are labor-intensive, China has significant labor cost advantage. At present, lighting consumes about 20% of the entire electricity consumption in the current energy situation of extreme scarcity and reduce lighting electricity consumption is an important way to save energy. According to research estimates, by 2010, if our existing 1 / 3 of light source with LED lights, you can power-saving 150 billion degrees, according to 0.8 yuan per kilowatt-hour basis, can save 120 billion yuan. Estimates of the energy structure in accordance with existing power, equivalent to emissions from 25 million to 43.2 million tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide emissions to reduce 1.35 million tons.

In addition, most common shape of energy-saving lamps is very limited room for improvement, and many energy-saving lamps contain mercury and other harmful to the environment, fluorescent tubes and, after retirement, such as being dropped at random, but are not prone to energy-saving environmental protection situation. The LED lighting is the cold light source, no inflation, no glass, shell, do not add mercury, from the production process to use the process to scrap the entire process completely avoid mercury contamination. Also, because light and heat conversion rate is high, heat a small, LED lighting can also be effective in preventing thermal pollution caused by prolonged illumination. When applied to facade lighting, due to LED lighting is installed in the glass curtain wall on the floor at the glass curtain wall to the external irradiation, and therefore residents will not produce light pollution. In addition, LED lighting also has good color, no flash, light, soft and other features, known as the "green light."

led spot light industry, have obvious advantages

led spot light industry, have obvious advantages
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