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led tube LED high-tech industries
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led tube LED high-tech industries

LED industry at risk

Technical risks. led tube high-tech industries, manufacturing technology and product performance, continuous improvement, the sustainability of enterprises in the industry followed closely the LED industry, advances in technology, the company is crucial. Once the technology is backward, it will lose market share or even a loss, and ultimately a vicious cycle. LED lighting is not yet developed a standard, only the traditional sodium detection methods to detect the LED lights, but the two are essentially different. In addition, the application of standards across the difference, leading to trans-regional enterprises to open up markets encountered strong resistance.

Industrial transfer risk. About 80% of Taiwan's LED packaging capacity has been transferred to the mainland, in the upper reaches of the chip, the wafer transfer of industry is relatively small, but there are a growing trend. China LED to improve the industrial structure is inevitable to encounter competition from Taiwan-funded enterprises, the two compete with each other, the present situation, mainland enterprises are still losing the battle. LED small-scale domestic enterprises, most of them did not exceed the 100kk / monthly energy (blue-green). China's participation in upstream units (in particular, scientific research institutes) want to build their own capacity, but the initial stage of production is not large, the entire industry, scattered resources, there is no scale, the enterprise can only be imported from abroad, the high price of a single chip, bargaining the status of low capacity, so that high costs. At present the industry's lack of core patents, in particular, is the most critical white, high-power LED lamp heat balance, durable and highly efficient phosphors such as patents, has been European, American and Japanese monopoly, to suppress the development of China's industry.

Macroeconomic risks. A global recession is likely to influence national policies on the LED industry to support efforts, LED products in the Western countries as well as the speed of China's popularity may also be lower than expected. In the LED epitaxial wafers, chip production, compared with the international advanced level, domestic-chip average brightness, luminous efficiency, anti-static capabilities, anti-leakage capabilities and there is still a wide gap between the level of quality control. Therefore, China's current core chip, especially high-power chips led mainly rely on imports from the United States, prices remain high, a single small and medium firms were purchasing, bargaining power is small, the cost pressure.

led tube LED high-tech industries

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led tube LED high-tech industries
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