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led street light Industry structure and analysis
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led street light Industry structure and analysis

Industry structure and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages

China's "Green Lighting Project" Implementation started in 1996. An important step in achieving this plan is to develop and promote efficient, energy-efficient lighting appliances, saving lighting electricity, reduce environmental and light pollution, the establishment of a high quality and efficiency, economic comfort, safe, reliable, environmentally friendly lighting systems. In particular, in 2003 China's semiconductor lighting working group has been established, marking the government for the development of the field of led street light  high hopes, LED as the light source into the general lighting market has become the core of the future industrial development.

In the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project" under the impetus of Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen and Shenzhen, have formed a semiconductor lighting industrial base. Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Fujian triangle, as well as the northern region has become China's LED industry gathering places. At present, China's LED industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, China's LED industry has taken shape, including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, LED chips preparation, LED chip, LED packaging, and product applications, including a relatively complete industrial chain. , Shenzhen, Nanjing and other major cities have answered the call, spending huge sums to form LED Industrial Park and industrial base, and the promulgation of the relevant LED industry development plan. At present, China's LED industry has formed four large areas, 7 large base of industrial pattern. After experiencing the device to buy, buy chips, buy the way the wafer, the current production has been achieved self-epitaxial wafers and chips. At this stage, the number of people engaged in the industry, over 50000 people, more than 20 research institutions, enterprises with more than 4,000; of these upper reaches of more than 50 companies, packaging companies more than 1000, more than 3,000 enterprises downstream applications and the emergence of a number of committed to innovation, advanced technology, excellent business. Driven by the huge domestic demand, LED industry, the prospects for a bright, according to Taiwan's Topology Research Institute estimates that the mainland of China, "10 City, 10000" and other policy driven LED lights this year, the market will demand 1.4 million next year is expected to also will grow 79%, reaching 2.5 million, accounting for the world's demand for more than 5 into the LED lights. In addition, large-scale LED lighting and outdoor billboard applications will also be faster rate. Investment adviser, according to a press come from a study report shows that in 2010 the output value of China's total LED industry will be more than 150 billion yuan.

The new energy will gradually replace traditional sources of energy as the drive to promote social and economic progress, and new energy sources is also often accompanied by the birth and progress of new technologies came into being in, LED industry is a new energy of a typical incubator. Hui Luo 100 industry experts believe that the current advantages and risks of China's LED industry co-exist, the Government is necessary in policy, funding to support efforts to increase the LED industry.

led street light Industry structure and analysis

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led street light Industry structure and analysis
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