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led light industry, the rise: Lighting the reform wave
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led light industry, the rise: Lighting the reform wave

In recent years, positive policies to promote the rise of the LED industry, Shenzhen LED related to the number of firms on the more than 700 years, from 2007 and rapidly developed to more than 2,000 today. In the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project" under the impetus of China's LED industry has taken shape, including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, LED chips preparation, LED chip, LED packaging, and product applications, including a relatively complete industrial chain. , Shenzhen, Nanjing and other major cities have answered the call, spending huge sums to form LED Industrial Park and industrial base, and the promulgation of the relevant LED industry development plan. At present, China's LED industry has formed four large areas, 7 large base of industrial pattern.

1, led light industry, the rise: Lighting the reform wave

China's rapid growth in LED sales for the first time, is officially launched in 2003 the national semiconductor lighting industrial works, a large-scale replacement of traffic signals the city began. This is a signal alone would bring the year 61% of China's semiconductor lighting market of high growth. Invited member, according to industry LAW 100-hui introduced, when the LED is being whipped up a worldwide wave of lighting reforms. Feel the great temptation in the LED, the then world's three major lighting industry giants - GE, Philips, Osram Group, in cooperation with semiconductor companies have set up lighting business. The United States, Japan, chosen by the official establishment of the European Union project, budget and plans to introduce white LED lighting. National Science and Technology in order to time with the world, together with other ministries, the official emergency started the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project."

LED's second development in 2005 from the automotive interior LED lighting lamps and LED decorative lighting market, the rapid growth momentum, the relative last year, the two grew by 53.1% and 133.3%. During the year, the domestic semiconductor LED lighting market to reach 1 billion sold more than 1.17 billion, compared with 49.0% growth in 2004. In the 2008 financial crisis, when international demand substantially reduced, LED industry set their sights on the domestic market. Good policy is also followed, in December 2008 put forward the Ministry of Science and carry out the "10 City, 10000" project. In addition, LED also by virtue of its long life and energy-saving advantages, is defined as the energy-saving emission reduction initiatives stimulating domestic demand, an important starting point, frequently appeared in the national ministries of the policy documents and implementation of the Platform. In various industries when the landslide occurred, LED has staged a good show bucked the market's. 100-hui, Luo, LED industry rise to a large extent benefited from the December 2008 proposed by Ministry of Science and carry out the "City 10000 10" LED application of the pilot model city ideas. March 16 of this year, Ministry of Science and Hi-Tech Division to replace the original 10 cities in 21. These cities will be the future central government subsidy, in public spaces such as roads, tunnels, car parks and petrol filling stations and other places, to install LED lighting fixtures.

led light industry, the rise: Lighting the reform wave

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led light industry, the rise: Lighting the reform wave
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