LED short-circuit such a situation-led tube-joel led light
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LED short-circuit such a situation-led tube
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LED short-circuit such a situation-led tube

Shunt resistor and external PNP transmission components restrict the maximum load current. The manufacturer's recommended range of 0.1Ω ~ 0.5Ω shunt resistor 2A ~ 0.4A corresponds to the maximum load current. Control module of the micro-controller to read an ADC input channel read the value of IC test pins, you can monitor the load current. Priced at 1.15 U.S. dollars (1000-unit quantities) of the AD8240 detects open load, short circuit and partial failures, such as the led tube in a series string of LED short-circuit such a situation. This driver / monitor IC with MSOP-8 package.

   Diagnosis of a pin so that the machine through an ADC channel micro-controller to monitor the load current. Those driver / monitor chip, rather than the design of ADC channel currents and the ground can be calculated, and the use of an analog input pin to monitor the total ground current.

Need low-pressure side of the controller design, designers can consider using the Melexis Inc. MLX10801, because the MLX10801 uses SO-8 package, in the absence of an external device to send the case to absorb the absolute maximum peak current of 550mA and 400mA absolute maximum average current. A kind of option package A suffix used with a thermal pad of the MLPD-8 package, while the bare chip used in the same, thus RΘJA from 120K / W down to 37K / W. This package allows to improve the absolute maximum peak current and the absolute maximum average current of up to 1.2A and 750mA.

Melexis Inc. MLX10801 is characterized by a group of transient pulses, 40V load dump, as well as undervoltage caused by abnormal conditions, which are expected to bear the device must be non-standard working conditions. A programmable non-volatile data latches allows OEM through an on-chip detection diode or external diode to detect the temperature measurements. A control input pin enables PWM dimming, which is a common LED driver features. To make the control input pin remains low for more than 32 milliseconds, it will force the drive into sleep mode, so that it reduces quiescent current from 2mA to 105mA. So that the control input pin HIGH 8mS, can be started with a wake-up sequence lasted only 300mS.

LED short-circuit such a situation-led tube

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LED short-circuit such a situation-led tube
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