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High-Brightness  led ceiling light
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High-Brightness  led ceiling light

High-Brightness LED chop outcrop, c.

In fact, very few heard someone in the same sentence using the "early adopter" and "The automotive market segment," two phrases. Some people may assert that such a juxtaposition would be in the popular oxymoron. However, the high-brightness LED for car manufacturers to bring a number of compelling features, and, although this application of relatively new, but they are derived from the manufacture of most of the basic characteristics of LED indicators - much older than they are and have been been well proven in similar products - the same principle and similar processes.

   In contrast, in the car suffered a typical amplitude and frequency range of the shock and vibration situations, LED structure, a more solid and durable than the filament. LGD structure, light weight and small size, thereby reducing mechanical shock and vibration generated torque. LED small size also enables automotive designers to bring lights designed smaller and more consistent car design into the overall design requirements. For example, some cars are not the CHMSL (center high brake light) module installed in the rear cover plate, but to use small LED that needed to put this feature is included in the trunk lid.

   LED automobile taillights, turn signals, working lights, brake lights can overcome the inherent tungsten filament incandescent several major drawbacks. Cars are often subjected to moderate shock and vibration will shorten the filament life. Similarly, positive temperature coefficient of resistance of the filament due to lamp instantaneous surge current will accelerate the destruction. Thermal cycle - brake lights work, an important feature, often will shorten the life of incandescent lamp.

   The instantaneous surge current incandescent bulbs makes circuit protection and fault detection tasks become complicated. Automobile manufacturers must fuse rating and fault detection threshold is set to the current value large enough to meet the surge current amplitude and duration, while the blown fuse failure does not occur or will not detect false failures.

High-Brightness  led ceiling light

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