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high efficiency and long  led ceiling light life
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high efficiency and long  led ceiling light life

Light fixture manufacturers traditionally not considered in their design, thermal management of light bulbs, but to provide sufficient convection to ensure the high-temperature tungsten will not bring the surrounding materials, fire hazard or burn risk of the operator fixtures. The fact that the high-output solid-state lighting, high-volume production complex. However, if the final design is to make the LED's light output and working life is the best, then the high-brightness LED fixture would require a certain degree of thermal design.

     At the same time working in the field in a variety of OEM designers and marketing staff have been expanding the scope of the practical application of solid-state lighting, and has been closely watching the market acceptance. However, the end-user in the life of solid-state lighting device within the different cost-benefit experience, which is different from traditional lighting equipment. This fact changes the values of the market complex. With incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent bulbs compared to the use of high-brightness LED costs and maintenance costs are much lower, which can offset the higher initial cost of LED. Although the above discussion may be very attractive, but make it in the "price first, others second" mindset of the consumer market on the dominant cause great difficulty in marketing.

Thus, while the high-brightness LED will not soon see the traditional incandescent or fluorescent lamps from the hardware store and home center shelves, crowding out, but these devices are to enter the automotive, traffic control, external marks and other market segment, as in all these areas, high efficiency and long led ceiling light life will increase the apparent value.

high efficiency and long  led ceiling light life

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