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Abandoned mercury polluting energy led spot light,
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Abandoned mercury polluting energy led spot light

Abandoned mercury polluting energy-saving lamps
As we all know, mercury is a toxic chemical substances, can lead to many diseases. However, many people may not know, at present the basic energy-saving lamps contain mercury, its relatively low boiling point, can evaporate at room temperature. Experts say a discarded lamp has broken, will be immediately distributed to the surrounding mercury vapor, instantaneous can in ambient air mercury concentration of 10 mg / m ~ 20 mg / cu m, while according to the provisions of mercury in the air the highest allowable concentration of 0.01 mg / cubic meter. Once the mercury in the air exceeded, will inevitably harm the human body. In addition, an energy-saving lamp of mercury, if immersed in the ground will result in 180 tonnes of water pollution. This year's national promotion of energy-saving led spot light in the 100 million, even if only 1 / 10 the waste out of waste mercury lamps, immersion underground, it will form a nearly 2 billion tons of water pollution potential. Released from the landfill will be part of mercury to methylmercury in the form of vapor into the atmosphere, this material easier to enter the respiratory tract and the food chain, which means an even greater range of pollution. Despite the low recovery rate of energy-saving lamp energy-saving lamp recycling waste improperly great harm, but so far, this problem does not seem to get people's attention. Shandong Province, a large waste recycling company engineer said, according to investigation, in Shandong Province tube recovery rate of waste per year less than 1%. In fact, this phenomenon is quite common throughout the country. "Collection of waste products not accept energy-saving lamps, if the light is not directly thrown into the trash where we had." When asked about how to deal with waste energy-saving lamps, this is almost a common answer to the general public. That is true, whether it is waste recycling, or selling energy-saving lamps in supermarkets, manufacturers, so far, has almost no place to provide free recycling of used energy-saving lamps. In response, some manufacturers have indicated, in fact, the recovery of waste energy-saving lamps is a completely public good behavior. According to the staff of an enterprise, the enterprise in 2007 he spent huge amounts of money to buy machines to extract energy-saving lamps from mercury waste. However, production of mercury lamps are used in liquid mercury, while the waste energy-saving lamps Mercury is extracted from solid-state mercury, so the reproduction of the enterprises did not help, they can only be extracted from solid-state mercury sold to other enterprises, but the funds are not enough machine maintenance costs. Therefore, the enterprises engaged in this work is not profitable, it is impossible to reject any fees Recycle Bin or supermarkets, which also led to almost no recovery of establishments willing to carry out recycling activities free of charge.

Abandoned mercury polluting energy led spot light,

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