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led spot light Recycling Embarrassment
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led spot light Recycling Embarrassment

In Beijing, the issue of energy-saving lamps nowhere to recovery this year have been resolved. In the beginning of Beijing's "two sessions", the city Huanxi CPPCC members put forward the relevant energy-saving lamp recycling waste motion, has been related departments attention. This year, Beijing in the promotion of energy-saving lamps in the community to promote recycling of waste handled at the same time points, energy-saving lamp business. Recovery of energy-saving led spot light will be sent to Beijing for a unified sound hazardous waste treatment center treatment. With the recovery site, but new problems have emerged. Although the city encourages the public to hand over waste lamp recycling, but according to someone in charge of the work of the personnel, a 1000 community can be recovered to the energy-saving lamps are also supported but only twenty to thirty. This is partly due to inadequate publicity, the public awareness of the weak recovery, many people do not know the energy-saving lamps from the disposal hazards. At the same time, recovery site is not a long-established, so a lot of people do not usually waste tube retention until handed over the reunification of recycling habits, bad lighting, often also a direct throw. In addition, recovery of energy-saving lamps do not have any form of compensation, while in some cities such as Qingdao, also charge a recycling fee, so the public's enthusiasm has not been mobilized. According to reports, in Qingdao, the current initiative to hand over almost all of the enterprise of waste lamps and large enterprise and small and medium enterprises turned over to residents and waste energy-saving lamps is very limited. In some other cities, there had been even recovered energy-saving lamps can not be the phenomenon of sound processing. In Hainan, if the waste sent to waste disposal sites tube and can only be properly kept, but not dismantling and use of related equipment. It is reported that China at present, only some provinces and municipalities have the ability to use energy-saving lamps dismantling. The province, the official said, even if the talk about use of temporary storage, recycling units also need to pay the appropriate disposal fee. Who will bear this cost is also still a problem. As soon as possible to establish policies and regulations for the recovery to "defend" In fact, the waste mercury-polluting energy-saving lamps in China is not the only problems facing it. The most stringent environmental standards, the United States, California, to address this problem, the state legislature has passed legislation, starting in 2006 on the prohibition of the waste fluorescent lamps when the general waste disposal, enforcement of recycling waste fluorescent lamps. Promotion of energy-saving lamps in parallel with the recovery, forced manufacturers to pay for recycling. China so far, the relevant provisions of waste lamp recycling is still a blank. It is precisely because there is no legal basis for energy-saving lamps was a result of waste recycling difficult phenomenon.

led spot light Recycling Embarrassment

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led spot light Recycling Embarrassment
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