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led tube standard-setting situation
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led tube standard-setting situation

But the real voice does not come from a certain position, but rather substantive participation and a solid technical backing. In recent years, Chinese people the right to speak on the international stage has increased significantly in this year's Italian CIE meeting of experts, we invited the first Chinese to be invited to report to the General Assembly, sitting on my side of a Japanese expert also from Japan I have brought you by e-mail sent to the "LED module measurement method" (English) paper documents, more Chinese and other experts also began to contact with the outside world. I am engaged to my understanding of the test measurement is relatively a little more, after 10 years of effort, our LED test methods are basically able to world-class testing laboratory measurement of the level of line, and the major test instruments, such as the measurement of LED Space light intensity distribution of the pairs of mirror pairs of detection (2M2D) distribution photometer, and the measurement of high-accuracy LED light color parameters of rapid spectral radiometer in the international community is already in an advantageous position, and have our own intellectual property. Say disadvantages, certainly there are many, for example, our LED-line test technology is obviously inadequate in comparison with foreign countries, this is a big market.

I: Can talk about the world's major countries and Taiwan's led tube standard-setting situation?

Professor Pan: The United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan attach great importance to the standardization of LED lighting, the United States in this field is the world leader, Germany, Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan closely followed, the United States have a number of LED in the standard introduction of, and standards have markedly accelerated the speed of introduction of the trend, but more standard research work in progress.

In the international community, countries want international organizations to develop standards to their advantage the competition is fierce, CIE expert meeting in Italy, when the United States on high-power LED's proposal was adopted, the German night, the conduct of a large number of public relations activities , temporary move that the EU and other countries and representatives of other countries to support their proposal, the EU countries have a lot of votes and finally went so far as adopted, originally divided into two to do one thing, but in the end may also be combined, such a program .

I: At present, China's lighting standards in the international arena in the state of his followers, do you think in the future on how to promote China's lighting standards or lighting test technology to the development of?

Professor Pan: China LED lighting standards, in general terms, but also behind the major developed countries, but we are not anything behind, but progress is very obvious in recent years, China has its own strong points. In my own feeling is concerned, a number of international organizations, invited Chinese people to exchange academic and advanced technology, this is a good proof of this.

Last year, I was invited to the United States, such as NIST to do Visiting Fellow, the United States NIST hope that we can study together standards for measuring luminosity LED optical detectors work, in the United States during the period, NIST, ASSIST I was also invited to our standard test of China's LED technology in special report, Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute on two occasions last year, invited me to open in mainland China LED standards and testing of the thematic workshops, participants were as high as more than 350 people, most recently South Korea has also sent an invitation to me, hoping to DSSL2009 in South Korea on the introduce our standard test of China's LED technology, these show that our standard test of China's LED technology has a place in the international arena, at least we have an equal dialogue between the developed countries with advanced technological base.

On how to promote future development, I think first of the advanced developed countries would like to learn more contacts with the international community a down-Enhancing its own internal strength, the current standardization work in all our efforts, have achieved fruitful results, in the future we we must take the initiative to participate in international standard-setting, although this requires a lot of input, but at least the following aspects of the harvest:

First, much earlier in our industry to international standards and mastery of dynamics, an international standard developed from brewing to the member vote, as little as five years, as many as ten years, for an industry in terms of time is an opportunity, if simply Take the international standards have been published to translate, it would be easy to miss the golden opportunity development of the industry;

Second, countries with an advanced standard technology for peer discussions can be learned to spend money on other occasions, the knowledge can not be bought or industrial technology;

Third, initiatives to attract more standard right to speak, towards the adoption of international standards for the formulation of development of the industry to grasp the initiative. I believe that in the future through our joint efforts, China's standardization work will surely be to make light of the contribution to the world.

led tube standard-setting situation

led tube standard-setting situation
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