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led street light standard will give the industry
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led street light standard will give the industry

Standard to a standard never, never asked to have requirements, product quality has been improved, it must improve cost, it is reasonable for society as a whole, its overall economic and cost-effective. Increase the cost of how much, depending on the nature of led street light products and market positioning, the standard, despite its many provisions, but also gives companies a great degree of tolerance and play space. Of course, I also believe that the status quo on the present, the industry point of view, the requirements of individual indicators is a bit too high or forward a bit, but I'm just the standard drafter of the ordinary one, many indicators data is discussed and decided upon by everyone , and it should be the result of the final consultation of all parties.

I: Do you think the introduction of LED lighting standard will give the industry, enterprises and users (designers) What impact will the tripartite?

Professor Pan: LED lighting itself is dynamic, evolving, can be said that the entire international community to recognize that the current standardization of LED lighting to make very difficult, but we are also more sober recognition that, if no criterion for LED lighting, LED lighting, development will be more difficult. Was mixed mixed, wastage of resources will be more serious and difficult to access the entire LED lighting industry, the continued healthy development.

Any production of a standard are needed in the future continue to develop and improve practice. However, these LED standards over a wide range of experts and business discussions, debates, arguments, final written terms of a more balanced and comprehensive, but also basically reflects the status of LED lighting reflects the industry, enterprises, users of common interests and long-term interests I believe that the introduction of the standard would be more beneficial to the industry toward a healthy direction.

I: Do you think LED enterprises in the GB should be prepared before the introduction of what kind of preparation?

Professor Pan: a rainy day, business as soon as possible a new market positioning and product planning, striving to seize after the introduction of LED lighting standards brought about by the pattern of adjustment of LED industry, new opportunities should be put in the necessary quality assurance measures and strive to compete station high ground. There is no advanced equipment conditions, do not use high quality raw materials, it is difficult to produce good products. A small number of enterprises should give up the low amount of duplication and to win rugged-type mode of operation. I think the long-term development of aspiring entrepreneurs will think of this.

I: It is understood that you have served as leading the drafting of a "monolithic LED lamp test recommended technical specifications," a brief introduction to the next do?

Professor Pan: China launched in 2003, after National Semiconductor Lighting Project, LED industry faster than ever before, LED street lamp as the most important applications of LED lighting in one of the products are also developing rapidly, but due to LED lights with traditional lights are very different, the standard the lack of an awkward position to make this industry, the industry hoped that introduction of a standard LED lights a loud voice, but when the relevant state departments, through standardization of time was needed standardization project, in this context, the National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance R & D and standardization of the working group decided to standardize the work of LED lighting series of studies, and hoped that the first voices of the highest in the first breakthrough in LED street lamp, I am due to participate in international standardization work LED is relatively a little more before she was appointed to the drafting of "integral-type LED lamp test Recommended technical specifications "tasks.

Although this technical specification is not a formal standard, but before it, whether domestic or foreign, no LED street lamp standards, together with a large class of the standard has not, so some of the more difficult than the subsequent drafting of a formal national standards even greater number, of course, drafters not just me involved in the drafting of the other experts, business representatives, and even from some of Hong Kong and Taiwan LED lighting experts have done a lot of work, made a lot of good suggestions. This specification is not only regulated LED lights of the measurement method, while also indirectly regulate the quality of the LED streetlight evaluation methods, the specification for our country the subject of the subsequent development of LED has also laid a foundation.
I: You as the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) division of light and radiation measurement (the second Division D2) the sole representative of China in the international arena, China is testing in LED technology have the right to speak. Do you think China's current testing technology in the LED What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Professor Pan: First, I to correct the reference, I now serve as the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) division of light and radiation measurement (the second Division D2) of the Chinese representative, the former represented by me, but this is not the sole representative of the There are a leader in China Metrology Institute together with me to hold this post. Served as the representative of China to actively participate in international work on is my obligation and my obligations, this position is beneficial to participate in related work in the international arena.

led street light standard will give the industry

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led street light standard will give the industry
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