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LED products can be used not only love
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LED products can be used not only love

The impact of the financial crisis is global, the Chinese lighting industry has also been a number of challenges
2009 Year of the Ox Spring Festival, this time under the impact of the global financial crisis, China's lighting industry has also been a number of challenges, many companies turn to domestic market from exports. This is a bit cold in the winter, the solid-state lighting is the development of its robust stance. It is the future development trend of light, but also enjoy a traditional light sources can not match advantage. However, in the development process, LED lighting industry, the competition is almost in a state of disorder, because there is no uniform standard, LED business is like walking Heidengxiahuo years, while the lighting designers and other users are also LED products can be used not only love.

Since 1985, Professor Pan has been engaged in optics, color, electronics and other optoelectronic measurement technology and equipment design. His capacity as the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) division of light and radiation measurement (the second Division D2) of the Chinese representative, participated in the CIE standard number of technical committees to discuss, draft and vote, elected CIED2R2-38 spectrophotometric detector spectral sensitivity measurements Methods responsible thematic studies, as academic leaders to assume two national 863 high-tech projects and achieve outstanding results. Contact with the author's conversation, a tech background, Professor Pan has a generous open-minded modest, only the right insight into all the things people would be distributed out of such a calm temperament and Dan Ding.

The experience of those after the Lighting of the National Standardization Committee led the development of LED lighting to trial national standard currently in phase, the industry's repeated calls, waiting for the LED lighting state and industry standards will soon reveal its true colors of the . The focus of attention in the industry, we have the LED lighting standards issues related to the upcoming interviews with participating in standard-setting executive director of the China Illuminating Engineering Society, China Institute of Metrology and Measurement Lighting Professional Committee, deputy director of Hangzhou, the distance of Optoelectronic Information Co., Ltd. Chairman and Chief Technical Director Professor Pan Jiangen.

I: At present, LED various enterprises and individuals are all eagerly looking forward to LED lighting GB, you also involved in the LED general lighting with the development of national standards, will probably be at what time the implementation of a formal introduction? LED lighting throughout the planning to develop national standards from the beginning to the present to trial stage how long?

Professor Pan: the country's national semiconductor lighting project was launched in 2003, in Science and Technology and LED lighting departments and experts from all walks of life with the participation of our country by the end of 2003 on the standardization of LED lighting in the work of the master plan, to the end of 2008, this work has made great progress, the National Lighting Committee for Standardization has 12 on the adoption of LED lighting standards for the basic validation, public letter to the Ministry of LED Lighting Standards Working Group has 7 LED standards through basic validation, if smoothly, these standards in the management department for further examination and approval, the look forward to in 2009, promulgated and implemented.

Author: in the standard draft for review in Hangzhou, the distance involved in the "general lighting using LED test method", "general lighting with light-emitting diode performance requirements", "general lighting using LED module performance requirements of the" three specific criteria in the standard making process, there will be some difficulties in place?

Professor Pan: It should be said that the industry had traveled from afar and I trust in the distance the company the privilege of participating in the formulation of these three criteria, but also feel a tremendous pressure. Because of these three criteria are the more LED lighting-based standards, on the whole future development of LED lighting a great impact, but the major developed countries and CIE, IEC and other international organizations on standardization of LED lighting in general are also at the discussion stage, the relevant standards promulgated by some, but very few, but we can not simply reference, so this number can indeed be said that I have been in 10 years, since the standardization of the most challenging.

To this end, the distance is also specifically recruited more than 10-bit, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of doctoral and master students in the country with the support of 863 projects, specializing in LED lighting standards related to technical problems, but also with the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) United States International Semiconductor Lighting Alliance (ASSIST), the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Germany, Japan, China Taiwan and other regions and other international authoritative organizations and prominent experts to conduct in-depth exchanges and pay close attention to the latest progress of standardization of LED lighting. We know the difficulties and importance of this work, I am not relaxed, like other units involved in the development and the relevant industry leaders, senior experts to work together, eventually with the current draft criteria for the three projects. The three standard draft is a crystallization of collective wisdom.

I: Some industry insiders believe, LED lighting after the introduction of the relevant national standard, LED industry will face a major reshuffle. At least there will be about 5 into the enterprises were eliminated. There are also business people said that after the implementation of national standards, each LED lighting products, costs will increase 8 ~ 10 per hour. Do you agree with this view?

Professor Pan: There are standard introduced, changing the previous state of no criteria to guide the competition will be more equitable, which is a long-term benefit for most businesses, the small number of enterprises will not feeling well, I do not think there will be about 5 into out, at present there may be a simple view into five companies can not compliance, as long as there clear criteria, adaptability of enterprises is still very strong, and I believe they will go through immediately after short-term pains of adjustment and adaptation, the last to be truly eliminated only minority.

LED products can be used not only love

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LED products can be used not only love
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