a street lighting solution requires - Tianli led street light-joel led light
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a street lighting solution requires - Tianli led street light
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a street lighting solution requires - Tianli led street light

Technical assistance
Buying and installing a street lighting solution requires careful consideration. Our technical sales staff can provide vital assistance in making the most appropriate choice of LED product  for your specific requirements. We can help you with power saving and return on investment calculations.

Spare parts
led street light news) We carry an extensive stock of components and replacement parts.

Joliet has supplied renewable energy products to many customers throughout the world. We can arrange transport by road, sea or air direct to your location.

When your street lights and ready for use we can guide you through the final stages of connection.

Joliet offer an 'on site' commissioning service for customers who require on the spot technical assistance. 

Trouble shooting
Our technicians are available by telephone or email to help you through any issues encountered with Joliet products.

Joliet streetlight products are guaranteed for one year. Photovoltaic modules carry a 20 year production guarantee and solar controllers have a 5 year guarantee.

Joliet Technology offer a complete street light planning and evaluation service based on DIALux project planning software and the  IES parameters of our LED street lighting solutions. Please click here for our project planning service

Installation help
Correct location and installation of street lights ensures maximum efficiency and minimum expenditure. Our technical staff are available to answer questions regarding installation and we have trained installers in many areas to assist with assembly and connection of LED and solar lighting.

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