Advantages of cost effective LED lighting-led street light-joel led light
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Advantages of cost effective LED lighting-led street light
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Advantages of cost effective LED lighting-led street light

CLEANSTREET A new generation of solar powered systems for street lighting
led street light news) High intensity, low consumption solar powered LED street lamp. 

Electrical and Technical data

Lamp LED 56W white light

Luminous intensity 26 Lux à 6m / 15 Lux à 8m

LED Lamp average lifetime > 50 000 hours (+10 years)

Typical installation from ground 6 to 8 m

Diameter of light cone 20x8m at 6m / 26x10m at 8m

Photovoltaic module KC130GHT-2 130Wp 12V charge each

Charge controller Sunlight Morningstar 24V-10A

Battery and mast not provided

KIT COMPONANTS: 2 photovoltaic modules Kyocera 130Wp (5 year guarantee)

Dimensions : 1425 X 652 X 36, performance guarantee : 20 years

1 Night/day automatic controller 24V

Sunlight 24V‐10A (5 year guarantee)

1 JOL2 LED lamp head module

2 modules LED power 56W (1 year guarantee)

performance guarantee : 10 years

1 Galvanized steel mast head support

Advantages of cost effective LED lighting for streets, crossings, parking areas, gardens and public areas compared to conventional sodium lamps:
- Completely autonomous from external power supplies
- Automatic on off function controlled by integral daylight light sensor
- Immediate lighting without pre-heating
- Cool white light without flickering
- Over 10 year LED lamp life
- Long life PV modules with 20 year production capacity
-High efficiency PV modules offer reduced weight and space
- Only one battery required
- LED lamps retain luminosity for their full life span
- In case of a single LED breakdown all other LED modules continue to work
- LED lamps are non toxic
- Low installation costs without trenches and cables
- Safe 12 volt circuit without risk of electric shock
- All components are light-weight
- Zero power supply cost
- Exceptional return on investment
-Substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, LED offers up to eight times more brightness than incandescent lamps without emissions harmful to the environment.

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