Provides dependable high visibility-Tianli led light-joel led light
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Provides dependable high visibility-Tianli led light
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Provides dependable high visibility-Tianli led light

These USCG Approved Xenon Strobes are perfect for emergency service personnel, as a safety and security accessory for boaters, divers, campers, law enforcement, hikers, motorists. There should be at least one in every auto emergency kit, flight gear bag, climbing gear bag, boaters emergency kit. With a 3 mile visibility range, your location in an emergency will be easily spotted by rescue personnel. Now we also have a white LED replacement module for our strobes.

led light news)USCG Approved Emergency Strobe Lights
Clear Lens is USCG Approved. Other lens colors available.
Operates on one "D" cell alkaline battery (not included);
Flashes 50-60 times per minute for 8-12 hours and then automatically switches down to 20-30 flashes per minute for another 8 hour shift;
Visible up to 3 miles;
High impact waterproof (to 12 feet) case; Not a dive light! Divers, see our flashlight/strobe combination below
Stainless steel clip for webbing, straps or a belt, bottom has bayonet fitting to accept accessories;
Additional colored lenses and accessories available such as magnets, threaded adaptors, traffic cone adaptors, or our Wind Proof Base for helicopter landings
Durable Reed On-Off switch; 1 year warranty. Xenon Module rated for 2,000 hours at 1.5VDC


Roadside emergencies
Children in wilderness areas
Hikers, Hunters, Skiers, Campers, Boaters, Fire Fighters, Pilots, Travelers,


Provides dependable high visibility in dangerous work and recreation environments
Protects workers in high traffic, poor visibility areas
Helps lost campers, hikers and hunters to be seen up to 3 miles away.

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