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Tianli Power LED Light Bulbs are a unique product
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Tianli Power LED Light Bulbs are a unique product

Power LED Light Bulbs run on 10.8 - 13.2vdc battery power (boat, planes, autos) or via a battery/control box/solar panel system. If you use these on any vehicle that uses a alternator or generator, an in line resistor or voltage regulator of some type is required to maintain voltage to no more than 13.2vdc.

led light news)Power LED Light Bulbs are a unique product. It is a light bulb but is hardwired to your 12vdc system. You can call it a fixture and that would be right too. Whatever it is called, it is a great product that produces excellent light color, radiation pattern and is simple to install. No driver, no resistor is required as the components to run on 12vdc are built in. If you do not have a 12vdc system a 110/120vac to 12v DC transformer /converter is required.

The Power Bulb SBM3 and SBM6 are offered in white with either 3 chip LEDs producing 1 watt/25 lumen, or 6 chip LEDs producing 2 watts/50 lumen with actual output of 20+ and 40+ Watts of clear white light! Install the Power Bulb SBM3 and SBM6 in existing 12vdc open fixtures, off-grid cabins/homes , or install them as is for extra lights where you need them. Just be sure they are used indoors or if outside, under the eaves or weather protected location. They have built in heat dissipation holes so moisture cannot make contact with the electrical circuit. Good in RVs, boats, planes, sheds, work benches, porch lights, truck berths and box, truck compartments. Use as a battery powered light for camping, fishing trips, back yard parties, emergency lights.

Excellent for very cold areas, rural homes or cabins with solar lighting systems,
Excellent LED replacement in RVs, trucks, boats and planes
Camping, hunting and fishing battery powered light
Lighting in equipment and appliances, other OEM applications
Under roof eaves, porches, in sheds, garages, barns; may require use of a transformer
For permanent operations where periodic bulb changes are costly or a safety hazard
Construction, Military and Mining operations light strings,
In other light fixtures or any type enclosure; with the addition of additional heat sinks only

Power: 12 V (10%Variation - 10.8 to 13.2v)
Power Consumption: 300mA for 3 chip type LEDs, and 600mA for 6 chip type LEDs
Weight: 2.0 ounces  
Height: 1 1/4 inch overall  
Bulb Diameter: 2 inch
Model B3: 1 Watt, Powered by 3 Ultrabright 10mm Multiple chip white LEDs, Out put 25 Lumens
Model B6: 2 Watt, Powered by 6 Ultrabright 10mm Multiple chip white LEDs, Out put 50 lumens
View Angle: 180 degrees
Installation: Easy to fit on any surface with screws. Connect red lead to positive and the black to negative terminals of 12 V, D.C supply. Preferably the bulb facing down or up for better convection cooling . String several in a row in parallel for a party light powered by a plug-in transformer.
Transformer capacity: mA per item times the quantity = mA capacity, plus 25 to 50mA extra = transformer capacity
Caution: Connect only to 12V battery supply or a transformer with adequate capacity. Do not connect to solar panel directly. Connecting to solar panel directly will make the warranty void. Use with solar panels require a battery, low voltage disconnect, an on/off switch or combination with the low voltage disconnect, and in a weather proof control box.


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