Our LED Traffic Control Baton-led light-joel led light
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Our LED Traffic Control Baton-led light
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Our LED Traffic Control Baton-led light

Our LED Traffic Control Baton is 21" long in total. The LED Portion is 13 1/2" long and is 1 1/4" dia. The blue-green handle portion is 7 1/2" long and is knurled for slip resistance in the wettest of weather. Plastic construction. Produces up to 120 flashes per minute; visible for about 1/2 mile. Battery run time up to 200 hours of continuous flashing operation.

led light news)The LED Traffic Control Baton is also available with 7 Red and 7 Green LED's. You have the ability to switch between the two colors. Flashing and off modes only. The lens is clear.

Discount applies only to orders for the same size/color batons. Does not apply to mix and match types.

You've asked for it ... and now we have a BIG, visible, Red Traffic Control Baton that is light weight, economical to operate, and powered by 14 red LEDs (light emitting diodes).

Police and Sheriff's Department Officers, valet parking attendants, school cross walk guards, road construction crews, anyone who requires a highly visible light for traffic safety or getting attention will be well pleased with our new LED Traffic Control Baton.

Our LED Traffic Control Baton operates on 2 C Cell Alkaline batteries (Red and Amber) or 3 C Cell Alkaline batteries (7R7G). The traffic batons have three modes: Flashing, constant on and off.


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