LED-E27-60 3-4W 60 pieces LED bulb-joel led light
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LED-E27-60 3-4W 60 pieces LED bulb
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LED-E27-60 3-4W 60 pieces LED bulb

Wattage:3-4W 60 pieces LED bulb
Material:Glass body

LED Bulbs utilize the latest LED technology. These are the surface mount type or SMD LEDs. Small as they are, they generate high heat which must be dissipated or moved away from the LED in order for the LED to live the expected life time of 50,000 hours. To do that, most manufacturers have incorporated an aluminum body with fins to increase the total area that the heat can escape to and be dissipated. The higher the operating current, the higher the heat load to be dissipated. That means more fins, or more thin and longer fins are required. In the case of one newly developed design, the LED bulb incorporates water to assist with the dissipation of heat.

Color Temperature.
White LED bulbs will be at 6000k plus (may have a bluish tint).
Daylight White LED bulbs will between 5000 and 5500k.
Cool White LED bulbs will be between 4200k and 4500k Color Temperature.
Warm white LED bulbs will be between 2800k and 3300k Color Temperature.
The larger the number, the colder or bluer tint to the light will be visible
Operating Temperature:
The LED Bulb has a normal operating temperature range between -40 to 100 F. It produces very little forward moving heat. In terms of actual forward radiated heat, the quantum efficiency is multiple times better than an incandescent or Xenon lamp, so it will roughly radiates the equivalent of a 1 watt light bulb in heat.
Lamp Life:
The LED Bulb has a 50,000 hour average lamp life as compared to 7,500 hours for incandescent lamps

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